• Federal Court Judgment of Hon. Justice Southcott rules passport Canada fetters discretion - Click here

  • Federal Court Judgment of Hon. Justice Mactavish rules Jade’s charter rights breached by Canadin Federal Government - Click here

  • Hon. Justice O’Marra awards Jade $105,000 default judgment in sex assault case (The default judgment was set aside and the matter will go to trial late 2019) - Click here

  • On January 30th, 2019 Dept. Justice Anschell dismissed Jade’s claim for slander against her perpetrator. An appeal has been filed. The justice stated that she could not determine malice for the qualified occasion. She believed that he at least believed or convinced himself to believe that his statements to the particular officer were true, even if they weren’t. Due to various lawyers opinion, that sociopaths are often believed as hey appear credible and get away with a lot, including often misleading the court. The judge was unfortunately misled. The judge; however refused to provide costs to her perpetrator, even after he demanded $3,000. The judge noted that Jade offered him to close the case many months prior, when she realized it was not a strong case, so if he had of responded to her email request and executed the consent form, that he wouldn’t have had to miss any work.

    - Click here for notice of Appeal

    Jade also plans to submit evidence of her perpetrator’s prior charges and convictions, an affidavit from other members of the community, stating that he is known to file contempt motions, call police, or slander, even when he is the one committing the offense, to get all attention off himself, now that evidence has become available, along with a transcript from a hearing, where he states he diagnosis himself with PTSD. It was unfortunate that a lot of the good evidence came to light after the trial.

    After accusing Jade of embellishing her symptoms of PTSD, he told a judge that he would be expecting to be getting a diagnosis of PTSD, caused by being sued by Jade. It was evident, he was the one diagnosing himself, as he stated to have a book on mental illnesses and knew the symptoms in great detail. Also, no one gets PTSD from a law suit. Jade’s diagnosis was genuine because in 2015, she did not know what PTSD was and was sent by a friend, to find out what could have been wrong. Her perpetrator stated that increasing symptoms is a good way to get out of issues, so it seemed he was doing this, with his diagnosis to try to manipulate the court. He stated he had a book on mental health issues, and during cross examination, he had also stated that the reason he felt sorry for Jade during the relationship, about her depression and career halt, was because she had a way of leaving details out, but when asked how he could feel sorry for her if she left out that she supposedly made up her depression symptoms, he could not come up with any valid answer. This was a big clue the judge missed. She also missed the evidence of collusion, though did mention it had some relevance. She also failed to see that the report was not used for any purpose and that the psychologist used a validity scale, which detects increasing symptoms. Jade’s were valid and interpretable.